Kids Summer Lunch Bunch
Avon Shiloh Farms playground
Brownsburg Town Hall Lawn
Danville - Crosswinds at Tradition Lane
Danville - East Main Street Apartments
Danville - Ellis Park
Plainfield - Franklin Park
Plainfield - Gladden Farms
Please contact any of the following individuals for information on the Lunch Bunch program in their respective town. Visit our website for locations, dates and activities for the summer of 2011. For general information please contact
Julie Randall at 317-745-1638 or
Avon Shiloh Farms playground: Mooney & Mary Czyzewski
317 407-6491
Danville - Crosswinds at Tradition Lane: Julie Randall
Danville - East Main Street Apartments: Julie Randall
Danville - Ellis Park: Julie Randall
Plainfield - Franklin Park: Joy Philip
(317) 431-8515

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